Ford Territory Advertisement

by Auto Advertising on August 23, 2016

This one has me scratching my head.  Hard.  Til it bleeds.  WTF?  The new Territory was launched and this is an extended version of one of the main TVCs for it.

There is a Powertrain Engineer called Jess Riseley who takes a new Territory diesel to see all her Facebook friends on one tank of fuel which may deliver a range of up to 1,000 km.

1,000 km on one tank is not a unique selling proposition – there are other cars on the market capable of that range, but I’ll keep watching – what else have you got?

I waited for the payoff for watching this ad and there wasn’t any.

There are some interesting ingredients in this ad:

  • Angle: Get someone intimately and emotionally involved in the design/production of the car to tell a story.
  • Mangle: Use that hand-held Blair Witch camera technique.  Keep twisting and shaking the camera. They use it on Modern Family, too.  It must be good.
  • Jangle: Some jangly guitar music by a non-mainstream band (apologies to Tiger Choir fans)
  • Spangle:  Show at least one sunrise. And a sunset.  And kids.  Kids are cute.  And pets.  Pets are cute.
  • Fangle: Use some of that new-fangled social media stuff – like the Facebooks or the Twitters!

Stick all ingredients in a blender and serve up whatever goop pours out.  And throw a lot of money at it every month at it on TV.

In discussions with friends and colleagues about this ad some of the responses to this ad have been:

  • (Tongue in cheek) Wonder if Jess is a xenophobe with all of her 236 Facebook friends capable of being visited within a 1,000 km trip.
  • Haven’t they got anything good to say about the car?
  • Are Ford promoting an anti-environment message showing one person driving around alone in a large SUV?
  • Why don’t any of Jess’s friends say “Wow!  Cool car!”  One of the best things about having a new car is having your friends notice it!

What’s the Message of this Ad?

We’ve looked hard.  This ad is easy pickings for jokes – but a real marketing message?  Can’t find one.


The AIDA Test for this Territory Diesel Ad

Does it get your attention?    Eventually, after a couple of months of relentless pounding on TV.

Does it create interest?     In Facebook? Yes.  In the Ford territory? It didn’t even interest Jess Riseley’s friends!

Does it ask or urge you to make a decision Only to change channels.

Does it compel action?  Nope.


From everything we’ve heard and read, the Territory is a reasonably good car.

Along with the other Territory ads, this ad does not do it justice.


Honda Civic Ad

by Auto Advertising on August 22, 2016

Here’s another automotive advertisement that makes me shake my head.  Then scratch it.  Then bang it against the nearest wall.


We work with several Honda dealers and they were aghast at this.

Honda has done it tough in the Australian market for the last few years.  Stock supply has been hampered by the Tsunami in Japan and floods in Thailand.

The new Honda Civic is an extraordinary opportunity for Honda to regain so much lost ground with a great new high-volume model in market segment that it has traditionally done very well in.

It is gob-smacking that such a crucial model to Honda’s sales performance is launched with such a non-event of an ad.

“What if a car’s individual parts performed in perfect harmony?”  They key turns, the engine starts, the tacho needle swings, the transmission lever moves, the indicator flashes.  Even people who know nothing about cars are likely to be unimpressed by this platitudinous rubbish.

What’s the Message of this Ad?

The Honda Civic makes a whole lot of banal sounds that every other car on the market makes.  Oh, and it’s components actually work! In harmony!

There’s nothing unique or special about the car.  No USPs.

If I was a Honda Civic competitor, this is the ad I would wish upon them.


The AIDA Test for this Civic Ad

Does it get your attention?    Not really.  There’s no real ‘cut-through’.  It defies belief that such an ant-viral ad could be launched in 2012!

Does it create interest?     We conducted an informal vox populi on this ad and nobody remembered seeing it!

Does it ask or urge you to make a decision?  No.  It doesn’t create any desire or propose any course of action.

Does it compel action?  No.

An overwhelming ‘fail’ on the AIDA test.


Honda do have a history of making incredibly good cars.

We cannot comprehend how they allowed this ad to go out with their name on it.

What’s next?  Hopefully something a lot better than this ad.


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Volvo V60 Ad

July 26, 2016

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